Why Am I Here?

The “I” in the title can refer to either the reader or the author. I cannot answer the question for you, only for me.

Here is a question to ponder: when a long-since-deceased artist made these paintings in the caves of Lascaux, was the artist creating art for the world to see and admire, or art for the artist’s own pleasure?

For me, the answer is a little of both. If no one reads this, the act of creating and posting these thoughts should be satisfying enough to the writer to justify their purpose. I also admit to enjoying a bit of serendipity, realizing that I will never know whether anyone has stopped by to view my electronic cave paintings.

Some of you may recall Uncle Travelin’ Matt, of Fraggle Rock fame. In some ways I aspire to be Travelin’ Matt, with this forum as my continuous electronic postcard, sent to the world via an address on the Internet.

I will be traveling throughout Jordan from late September till mid October. Some of the hotels where I will stay have Internet access. I hope to post narratives and reflections (and perhaps some pictures) from Jordan on a regular basis during that trip. I’ll see how disciplined I really can be while traveling, and see where that discipline takes me.

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