20 Days / 20 Photos – Day 13

Today’s assignment was to capture “motion” and also a “moment”.

Motion is a subject I used to spend a lot of time trying to capture effectively, when I attended Formula 1 races in Watkins Glen. These photos also capture a “moment” for me, as these races¬†were an activity I enjoyed attending every year with my brother, who has since passed away.

I recently read an article about the difference between “photography” and “fine art photography”. The author made the point that “fine art photography” captures a more universal moment, that can be experienced by all viewers at some level, whereas “photography” more often captures a moment that is only experienced by the photographer, who was there to experience the setting and can re-live the event through¬†memory when seeing the photograph.

For most viewers, these cars represent motion. To me, remembering my brother, they represent both motion and a moment.

3 Thoughts to “20 Days / 20 Photos – Day 13”

  1. A fabulous capture of a moment in motion. My brother passed away 30 years ago and was the photographer of the family. At only 17 he was mapping a career behind a lense. He’d be blown away by the digital photography of today.

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