Costa Rica – Day 6

Like most of our days so far, Wednesday morning arrived with a steady drizzle and a grey sky. After driving out of Arenal for about 45 minutes, however, the sky began to brighten, and by the tine we reached our destination in the wetlands of Cano Negro, the sky was sunny and the temperature was balmy. Perfect for a river trip!

And what a river trip it was. We boarded a flat-bottomed pontoon boat, with a wide front deck in front of the pilot, so I could bounce from rail to rail stalking the denizens of the riverbanks The pilot was a very experienced wildlife spotter, and he would call out various birds and creatures well in advance of our spotting them. And we saw plenty, as attested by yesterday’s posted photos. I am supplementing this post with a few more from the river trip.

Following our river excursion we returned to Arenal for dinner, then one more night at the Volcano Lodge. Still no volcano sighted, however. Up there in the clouds somewhere, we are told. Maybe it will appear as we depart in the morning.





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