Costa Rica Day 4

The river didn’t freeze after all, and neither did we, as we glided (crashed?) our way down 12 miles of the Sarapiqui River. 20130305-170617.jpg The water was actually quite warm, and we got to sample quite a lot of it as we splashed out way through a series of Class III rapids. Pretty exciting, makes rafting on the Lehigh seem like a bathtub experience.

In the afternoon we visited the little one street town of Sarapiqui, to get a glimpse of small town life in this largely agricultural community. Kind of grim environment, but if that is all you know of life, it probably feels pretty natural. 20130305-221710.jpgWhat is unnatural to the people here is seeing 20 Americans with expensive photo gear and fancy shoes walking up and down their commercial street, looking for souvenirs.

20130305-221228.jpgBack to our thatch huts in the evening for drinks and dinner, then early to bed to rest up for the next day’s activities

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