20 Days / 20 Posts – Day 6

I never claimed to be good at math.

With the introduction of today’s theme – Connected” – I realized that the assignment is for 20 posts over 20 days, not counting the weekends. Hence the new title – and a second post labeled “Day 6.” Depending on what is going on over the next couple of weekends, I may do some “serendipitous posts” anyway, just to keep the momentum going. We’ll see.

The cable that brings the Internet to your desktop.

For a geek like me, the concept of “connected” is a no-brainer. When Bob Metcalfe invented Ethernet, he was following in the footsteps of Xerox and Kleenex: creating a word that was intended to be a proprietary name and by virtue of its success transformed to a household term (in some households, anyway).

Without the humble Ethernet cable (in geek circles known as an RJ-45) we would all have difficulty cramming the internet into our computers, although these days Wi-Fi is giving Ethernet a run for its money.


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