20 Days / 20 Posts – Day 7

Today’s post is brought to you by the word “Big.”

Big is an interesting word, in that its dimensions are really defined based on the user’s perspective. To a 1 year old, I am “big”. To an elephant or a rhinoceros viewing me, that same judgment would not apply. We would universally define the pyramids in Egypt as “big”, but only because we believe we are speaking from a common (i.e., human scale) point of reference. To a dinosaur the pyramids would not qualify as “big”.

“Big” can be applied to tasks as well as objects. I had too many big jobs this winter hauling this big snow blower around my driveway, and now that it has died (of presumptive engine failure) I have the big job of figuring out how to dispose of it.

Hauling this behemoth around this winter was a big job.

Hopefully there are no more “big” snow jobs coming our way over the next month. Too big to handle – both the blower and the snow!

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