Art from Toys

I visited the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia this weekend, where an exhibit of “Lego Art” is on display. Created by Nathan Sawaya, an attorney who preferred playing with toys to playing with contracts, he left the legal profession to chase his creative muse.

And his muse seems to be speaking loud and clear! The art he has created – or more precisely, the famous art he has “duplo-cated” (pun intended), is simply astounding. At first blush this seemed like a great outing for the grandkids, but it quickly became apparent that Edward Munch’s “the Scream” and Michaelangelo’s “David” had no meaning to five year olds. For adults, however, this is really an incredible exhibit of art from the most unlikely of materials.

If you live close to Philadelphia, or are in a city to which this exhibit will travel, go see it. Well worth the trip to view creativity at its cutting edge, one block at a time.

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